Launch Your Video Podcast

It’s easy to launch your video podcast! In this free course we will walk you through the process of launching your broadcast from concept to launch. Interested in becoming a broadcaster on Kingdom Community TV, send an email to

Why Launch a Podcast?

Session 1 – [5:23]

Hybrid is the New Normal

Session 2 – [5:47]

Platforms You Should Be Using

Session 3 – [10:37]

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The Gear You Need Without Breaking the Bank!

Session 4 – [13:54]

How to Get 10K A Month to Promote Your Broadcast!

Session 5 – [3:27]

Streaming TV is Here to Stay! Roku, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Session 6 – [10:13]

There is nothing like Kingdom Community TV!

Session 7 – [ 6:49]