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Leading ‘faith-in-business’ thinker Wez Hone has been in the trenches of business, having built and sold 8 companies since the age of 18. Now a business coach, trainer and speaker, Wez is passionate about teaching Christian entrepreneurs how Biblical principles apply to the marketplace so they can build highly profitable businesses as well as influence the world around them. Wez has a unique ability to de-code what the scriptures say about business, and is committed to activating Christian entrepreneurs to change culture. Learn more at:

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5 Must Read Christian Business Books!

5 Christian Business Books Every Business Owner Should Read! // In this video I show you my favourite christian business books and I truly believe that they’re the 5 Christian Business Books Every Business Owner Should Read!


Did you know that there are levels of christian entrepreneurship? In today’s video I want to know, when I take you through the 4 levels of Christian entrepreneurship – which one are you?

Kingdom Entrepreneurship Activation

David Balestri details … • The characteristics of a Kingdom Entrepreneur as opposed to a Christian Business person. • Three Kingdom Assignments in Business • Three Prejudices That Block The Believer’s Effectiveness in the Market Place • The Noah Template…