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2. Why You Should Broadcast with KCTV

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We will walk you through the process of launching your broadcast from concept to launch:In less than 1 hour you’ll learn how to…

  1. Identify your show theme and format: We will help you discover and design the topic and format that truly represent your calling and passion!
  2. Find your audience: when you know exactly who you’re speaking to growth happens!
  3. Choose your format: interview-based, topic-based, preaching, Q&A, how often will you produce a show? How long should your show be? Which is best and why?
  4. ​Name & branding: let’s make sure your audience resonates with your branding
  5. ​Choose your equipment: we’ll share the top equipment & software recommendations for every budget.
  6. ​The full production process: We will walk you though the whole process from start to finish: Record, edit, & promotion.
  7. ​Submitting to podcast directories
  8. Discover the ​5 Ways to Grow Your Audience and the top 5 ways to monetize your show including how to launch with a sponsor!